Iconography throughout all Microsoft sites should follow the new Microsoft Design language.

Icons add meaning and usability support to functional or communication goals. They provide a visual language to communicate and reinforce ideas and actions to be taken. Microsoft websites use a shared, consistent set of icons that drive interaction. As icons and their actions become more consistently used, they become more familiar, and interactions become faster and easier over time.

New icons have a lighter stroke and are based on simple shapes – lines, squares, circles – and composed with pure geometry in mind.

The icons seen below are recommended for use on Microsoft.com. If you are not seeing the icon needed for your design, or in cases where you feel a design needs a new icon created, please follow this process:

  1. Review available iconography resources to confirm an existing icon has not already been created.
  2. Verify that the icon is applicable to usage with the Microsoft icon team within OSG.
  3. Request assistance in finding the icon through the icon team.
  4. If a new icon needs to be created, please reach out to the email alias of the icon team.


See the Pen Icon demo 1 by Microsoft.com (@microsoft) on CodePen.