Quotes indicate a statement made by someone else, and help lend credibility to your message or reinforce specific points.

  • Comply with all Microsoft LCA guidelines regarding the usage of quotes in advertising and marketing.
  • Ensure you have obtained permission from the person whom you are quoting, and clearly attribute the quote to them.


  • Name the quote author below the quote. In cases where customer/client privacy is a concern, using just the first name is acceptable.
  • The author's name should be preceded by an em-dash with no space.
  • Additional details often lend greater credibility when available and if appropriate, and should follow this order: Name, Title or Occupation, Organization, Location.
  • Quotes from a publication and not attributable to a specific author may use the publication logo for attribution.

Quotation marks

  • For marketing content, use proper quotation marks (sometimes referred to as curly quotes, or smart quotes), rather than straight quotes.
  • Ensure end punctuation is inside the end quotation mark.


See the Pen Data Validation Demo by Microsoft.com (@microsoft) on CodePen.