One Marketing Web Style Guide

Inspired by the evolution of the Microsoft design language, the design tools, UX guidance, and developer tools found here will help you create a Microsoft marketing site that looks and feels like it belongs in the Microsoft.com network, delivering on our promise of One Microsoft—a consistent, trustworthy experience for our users.

Tools to help you do more

We’ve gathered resources and tools to get you started, including ready-to-use standards and components. You’ll also find design principles to consider as you plan your site’s look and feel. Around these core elements and philosophies, we’ve left plenty of room for you to create innovative web experiences for Microsoft products and services.

Who it's for

This style guide and UX framework is intended for anyone working on a Microsoft.com site or page, including designers, site managers, marketing managers, program managers, and developers, subsidiaries, and agencies. Use this resource when you’re designing or updating any site that’s hosted on Microsoft.com, including product marketing sites.

Help make it better

Like the web, these guidelines are living and continually evolving to get better with each use. We encourage you to reach out to help us make the information found here better, so that our vision of One Microsoft online continues to happen. Check back often to keep updated on the latest guidance.